Losing to win at business

Business, Inspiration | 10.10.2010 | No Comments »

Most folks are under the impression that winning in business is the only way to be successful. Win the account. Win the promotion. Win the meeting. If you’re not winning, you’re losing; and losing is bad. This is not always the case. In the same way that you can’t truly succeed until you’ve learned from […]

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Uncommon discount card giveaway

Giveaways, Technology | 18.8.2010 | 6 Comments »

Many of my friends call me a ‘customization freak’, and rightly so. I will attempt to alter almost anything to make it reflect my personal style. I’ll invest (read: waste) hours in changing every aspect of my computer, from icons and backgrounds to skins and sounds. So when I got my last iPhone, I knew I had to find a custom case. And custom I found!

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