About the studio

My mission at the studio is to provide consistent, high quality, unique design that helps my clients to succeed. This comes about through understanding my clients and their own missions in business. I love working with my clients to help them achieve their goals.The better I do, the more successful they are, and I love that.

Mine is an independent studio that loves collaboration, to provide the best solutions for my clients. I am constantly working with other creative professionals that I learn from, and learn from me. Even though I have the capability to handle most aspects of a project, I often call on other experts for input. This enables me to provide the best work for my clients.

I believe in working hard and playing hard. I believe in community and social responsibility. I believe in balance and spirituality. I believe in nurturing personal and business relationships. And even though life isn’t fair, I prefer to stay positive and lead by example.

A brief history

The sandoerberg creative studio is the inevitable evolution of the freelance business created by myself, Sandoer Berg (pronounced “sander”). Initially started in the late 80’s as Iceberg Graphic Design, the studio served as an outlet for my creative passion. After several years of experience and education, a more polished vision of the studio emerged as Shindou Arts. During this time I really cut my teeth in the design industry, learning the ins and outs of branding and marketing.

Since then, I've done work with small businesses and large corporations, in production, design and creative direction. I've tried to learn through as much hands-on experience as possible, as well as seek out new outlets to help me grow as a creative professional.

Studio members


sandoer berg

After more than 20 years in the design field, Creative Director Sandoer Berg has worked with companies, small and large, music groups, individuals and not-for-profit organizations. With a passion for creativity, and a work ethic bordering on perfectionism, Sandoer pours all of his experience in to each project. Interests in music, art, politics, sports, comics, computers and travel, among others, fuel Sandoer's well rounded sense of creativity. His projects have ranged from logo and identity design, web design, illustration and magazine layout to apparel, marketing and promotion, packaging, presentation and brand strategy. In a design world that changes daily, Sandoer continues to believe in the principles of good design, yet stays current with the latest trends and styles, constantly educating himself through classes, seminars and trade periodicals. Adapting to new technologies, new marketing strategies and an ever-changing social and cultural landscape is part of keeping on top of the business.



Scooped up off the streets two years ago, Maddox was rescued from the SPCA and has assumed the position of mascot for the studio. Many a day when things get too stressful in the office, Maddox keeps everyone in check by instigating play time. He is a constant source of inspiration and hilarity. He loves social networking (at the dog park) and excels at public relations.